Brightest Highlighter Pen

NameBrightest Highlighter Pen
Description1 Barrel Size: 111 x 25 x 16 mm
2 Barrel Shape: Medium/Flat
3 Barrel Materials: PP
4 Ink Type: Water Base, Dye base/Pigment base
5 Writing Line Width: 4.0mm
6 Nib Types: Chisel Nibs
7 Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Magenta, Yellow, Violet, Orange
8 Applications: Paper
9 Target Users: Students, office
Features1)|Precise Barrel Size: Dimensions of 111 x 25 x 16 mm ensure comfortable handling and storage. 2)Versatile Barrel Shape: Medium/Flat design for easy grip and control. 3)Durable Barrel Material: Constructed from high-quality PP for long-lasting performance. 4)Vibrant Ink Types: Available in both Water-Based Dye and Pigment bases for vivid and lasting color. 5)Consistent Writing Line Width: Produces a clear 4.0mm line for highlighting and underlining. 6)Sharp Nib Types: Chisel Nibs ensure precise and controlled marking.

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